Does Not Detect Wireless Card

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Does Not Detect Wireless Card

Postby johnywhy » Tue Feb 05, 2008 9:34 pm

i'm uninstalling mint because it will not detect my wifi card. i'm disappointed, because i've read great mint is at detecting hardware automatically.

i tried installing the drivers downloaded from the wifi card maker, but they do not provide linux drivers, only windows. i tried installing the windows drivers with the mint windows drivers installer, and that did not work either. i messed around with ndis-- no dice.

further research uncovered some complex, time-consuming steps involving builds and compiling and command line stuff that i have no time or interest in doing. that's what mint is supposed to handle for me. maybe wine-doors or virtual box would help.

but no matter. something in grub or mint has gone awry, so now the X graphical interface will not load. i'm done with mint.

my card is a realtek RTL8187B on a new gateway laptop.

back to vista.

Linux Noob, but been coding for 35 years, wrote unix shell scripts in awk, lex, and sed 30 years ago.

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Re: Does Not Detect Wireless Card

Postby nac » Tue Feb 05, 2008 9:39 pm

Linux at one end, and Vista at the other, eh? lol

[Edit] Don't mind me. It will never happen again, I promise.

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Re: Does Not Detect Wireless Card

Postby batsdude » Wed Aug 14, 2013 4:24 pm

You know why Linux isn't beating the living hell outa win and mac? It's the obnoxious stupid "I'm smarter than you are:" responses that seem to be becoming all to common place among "people" that are SUPPOSED to be helping people with their probs, as opposed to wise/dumb assed answers HELP OR SHUT UP! There is no room for fools that "think" they are so damned smart because they "think" they know something no one else does. I really do not care if this is posted or not, as the wise assed answers get posted, and they are a waste of my, and everyone elses, time. Idiots!

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Re: Does Not Detect Wireless Card

Postby TBABill » Wed Aug 14, 2013 6:44 pm

Probably pointless to mention since the OP already left for Windows, but the adapter model RTL8187B does work for users. I'm not sure what the conflict may have been with that particular machine, but others have had some success getting it going. OP, if you decide for a round 2 with Mint, check the Ubuntu forums for RTL8187B and you'll hopefully find something of assistance getting wireless going.

Batsdude, hope you find better experiences if you stick around a while and see the degree of help some people do offer here. It's difficult to do sometimes, though, when a poster says they're fed up and just leaving. At that point there's little to offer since the expectation is pretty low that they'll return to see a response if they were sincere with their stated plan to leave.

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