open icons with single click in linux mint 12

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open icons with single click in linux mint 12

Postby rajohns08 » Wed Feb 22, 2012 4:39 pm

in case anyone else was wondering, what i did was open up the home folder then:

edit > preferences > behavior tab > single click to open items

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Re: open icons with single click in linux mint 12

Postby DrHu » Wed Feb 22, 2012 5:14 pm

OK, in fact I always use single clicks for any file manager: just abhor the default double-click option (rampant me too of window-like style)
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Re: open icons with single click in linux mint 12

Postby deminted » Sat Jan 05, 2013 4:26 am

An old post,I realise,but there's quite a lot wrong here, so this is for those that land here looking for the one-click solution.
This applies to a KDE version of Mint 13 Maya (Now,January '13).

I note that one can change to single-click behaviour in the file-manager Dolphin (only), but not as stated above.
The way to find prefs is not via edit-prefs any more, but a direct button on top row of dolphin, Settings, drop-down choice Configure Dolphin, panel Navigation.
However, there seems to be a messy BUG, that this also removes "Delete" from the context menu.
(One wonders if this was inserted by some resentful ex-Windohs bugg-er in an act of insurgency?)
The option to remove "delete" in the context menu (or not) lies in Settings, drop-down choice Configure Dolphin, panel General, tab Context Menu.

Anyway, the edit config solution corrects this

Navigate to this hidden config file (editing does not require special priviledge) :
'save as' to a backup, just in case it is needed,
then add these lines:


and save. that.The new config will only apply to new instances of Dolphin etc.
Included there is the line to reinstate the delete option in context menu.

"The place for tips" is currently (Jan 2013)

You won't find "tips" via the forum search,it responds rather snobbishly that the terms are too common. It can however be found by doing a site: search in one of the better-known search engines.

See also bug reports[url][/url]

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Re: open icons with single click in linux mint 12

Postby Mzee » Sun Jan 20, 2013 2:58 pm

I am running Mint 14 XFCE, but my friend uses an older version (Mint 9, I believe) and has found a simple solution which works for both of us.

It appears to us that this problem no longer exists. We used the following:

Go to Desktop
Click Edit, then Preferences
In File Manager Preferences, click Behaviour tab
Click in radio button "Single click to activate items"

That's it!

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