install mint from USB key

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install mint from USB key

Postby fleamailman » Mon Feb 18, 2008 9:32 am

Ok, the idea is to use a thin old Toshiba laptop for outdoors(in town visits to the bistro, work, etc) but this laptop running windows 2000 came second hand and cheaply because it didn't come with its lower deck docking station (which has the CDrom drive), all CD devices added to the pmcia port are thought of a floppy drives so I imagine that if I add a floppy drive there will be no recognition problem and I can then get it to boot to the USB port where I could then install mint linux from an iso image and then gloat infront of my friends that I paid peanuts for a dispendable laptop that covers the basics just as well as their expensive windows models do

but am I going about this the wrong way, any other way to install mint linux to a laptop that does not have a CDrom drive

Oh, and is 128ram workable with mint linux, seems to work well enough with windows 2000 but I want to show off mint linux since I really like it so far
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Re: install mint from USB key

Postby Husse » Mon Feb 18, 2008 11:27 am

For installing
128 is very low - I recommend the fluxbox edition which might - just might - work
You see the live CD is run entirely in memory and I suspect the same for the "live USB"
If you make a swap partition first, maybe with knoppix, then it's possible but I think it will run slowly, very slowly
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