Another sound problem

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Another sound problem

Postby TheRealGorf » Thu Feb 21, 2008 9:24 pm

I noticed a few posts down "An odd sound problem" and my problem may be similar. I've been tinkering around with Linux and Ubuntu for about a month. My problem was that I couldn't get any sound through Firefox. There wasn't sound in you tube or msn videos or any sound at all through any of the video sites. The video would play alright but just no sound, the sound through Audacity or Banshee etc would work fine, even the sound in Ubuntu/Mint was working as verified through the sound test buttons. I googled quite a bit, I tried adding aoss to the firefoxrc, trying various sound configs that I found on google no luck. I stumbled across a post by somebody complaining that they couldn't watch WWE videos and a reply said they used Linux Mint and didn't have any problems with videos. So I thought I would download and give it a try, I chose Daryna 4.0 Main Edition it installed it no problems. I went to you tube and played a video and got sound, I was over the moon. I had spend weeks googling trying to find an answer now I had it. I carried on updating etc... and then suddenly no sound again...this was again no sound in Firefox, the sound elsewhere was fine. I re-installed mint when back to you tube and it worked again. I was pushed for time so I just shut down the computer and left for work. Now I have just come home and switched on the computer and guess what no sound in Firefox again. This time I had done nothing no updates no new programs, nothing. Has anybody got any ideas, mint identifies the card as:-

Names of available sound cards:
NVidia (C-Media)

It is not onboard sound. It is a PCI sound card. When I had it in windows it used the C-Media drivers. Does anybody have any suggestions do they think the problem may be with the Flash Player plugin? Why would the sound be alright in Mint but not in Firefox? If it was a Flash problem why would there be no sound in the Mplayer plugin or any other plugin for that matter? Does anybody think it may be a sound card issue? I was looking into maybe getting a M-audio card or another more suitable card for Linux (any suggestions for a more suitable card with an Optical Out?). I noticed there is not much in the way of drivers for sound cards....And you can just about forget about Creative Labs!! I think I might be going back to XP No point in having a computer if you can't do the things you want to with it. Thanks in advance for any replies.

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Re: Another sound problem

Postby Peterburd » Fri Feb 22, 2008 2:19 am

I don't have an answer, but with Mint (and with Feisty) something often doesn't seem to load right all the time. When I used Feisty I called it the "Bongo" problem, that is, if I didn't hear the bongo noise that comes with the login screen I know some drivers weren't loaded right, and I'd have to hit the restart button. Sometimes it works the first time, sometimes it takes up to four tries before I heard the bongos. At any rate, that bongo noise was an early warning for me.

Now that I'm with Mint, I have to call it the "Weeoop" problem.

Still no clue why it does it. But until a fix comes up you may want to listen for that weeoop noise when you login.

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