Font size in windows

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Font size in windows

Postby coopar » Fri Feb 22, 2008 8:04 pm

Hi, I have just moved over to Linux mint from Vista although at the mo' it is dual boot. Have tried a few distros and found Ubuntu suited my preferences best. After much more digging I tried Mint XFCE. Very nice so have stuck with this one. Big learning curve though. Anyway, try as I might I cannot find how to increase font size in the windows I open up particularly when I open Firefox - some of the text is tiny and at my age it aint funny. Someone point me in the right direction please. Oh, one other thing, I installed same on my daughters machine, who had XP, and it is connected to a Panasonic lcd tv. The desktop overscans on the screen and again have spent hours trying to find a solution. The problem is not a resolution issue. The Panasonic cannot be adjusted for the overscan unfortunately so it is down to Linux. XP can be adjusted through nvidia control panel which has a manual resizing facility. Jeez I have loads of questions but this will do for the time being.

Thanks for any help that may get thrown my way.


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Re: Font size in windows

Postby timh » Fri Feb 22, 2008 8:55 pm

Hi coopar. in firefox you can adjust the size →: copy and past this in your browser adress field:↓

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and to the 3 tab from left [the world-bowl| think it is “content”, sorry I don´t know right now the word,because I have a german ff :oops: ] there you can choose the size, but it depends from your screen resolution / I have 16 my screen is 1280x1024 it works preety well with the most sites, but if one site is to tiny - press ctrl plus + or - for bigger and smaller text.
for looking nicer you can install firefox widgets 2.7:
Here a post from husse:
Hope this helps a little.
minty greets
here is a faster way to change the size :wink:
→: copy and past this in your browser adress field:↓

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