Install on Asus 1000 HE

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Install on Asus 1000 HE

Post by jeanchristophe »


I try to install the system on an Asus 1000 HE
It is not so easy because I can't see the buttons to continue the installation. I try to change the size of the screen, but it doesn't help.
I can just choose beetween 800x600 or 1200x600.
I would like to hide the bar at the buttom of the screen, but I can't.

Is it possible to hide the bar at the bottom of the screen?
Is it possible to make an install in command line?
As I am stucked, where you are choosing the picture, do you know a shortcut to continue the installation?

I hope somebody can help me to solve one of my problems!

Best regards
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Re: Install on Asus 1000 HE

Post by pluraldave »

If you hold the Alt key you should be able to drag the installer window upwards in order to see the hidden button(s).
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