Will a new version let me use my WiFi?

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Will a new version let me use my WiFi?

Postby nwarwick » Thu Feb 28, 2008 8:16 pm

As a total newbie to Linux I tried the Mint 'Live CD' of Celena and totally loved it, however I did have one problem.

Whilst my wireless PCMCIA card was detected, and was able to find my network / router, I couldn't connect to it. Once I had enterd the WEP key it tried to connect but couldn't.

Not to be put off I tried a live Freespire CD and this allowed me to connect, but it thinks the WEP key I put in was 40-bit.

So my question is, would a new version (Daryna) allow me to enter a 40-bit key, or is there something I can do to Celena or Daryna to allow me to connect?

I have installed Freespire, and that works fine, but I just love the look of Mint, and would much rather prefer to use that if I could.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Will a new version let me use my WiFi?

Postby BAD » Fri Feb 29, 2008 6:23 am

1st Why don't you get Mint 4.0 or Mint Light
2nd Mint 4.0 does ascii and hex isn't ascii 40 bit and hex 64 or 128 bit. I think
3rd why don't you use hex 128 bit - did you disable and change the ssid broadcast - limit no. of dhcp users - setup mac filtering?

Did you try restarting the computer or shutting down and starting it. Some times with mine I have to give it a second to connect. I noticed with PCLinux it seemed to connect faster.

Would you be able to try a different card to see if it works.

Try resetting your router and see if it connects with no security. If it does then you can set each security piece using the wireless card so you will be sure it is not the problem.
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