Wireless disconnects frequent on LM 17.2

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Wireless disconnects frequent on LM 17.2

Post by renzor »

thank you
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Re: Wireless disconnects frequent on LM 17.2

Post by Pjotr »

You might try this how-to for the RTL8723BE chipset, which is probably closely related (obviously, replace every instance of "rtl8723be" by "rtl8723ae"):
https://sites.google.com/site/easylinux ... BE-chipset
(item 3, left column)
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Re: Wireless disconnects frequent on LM 17.2

Post by trevorreznik »


I got the same problem and it is not related to 17.2 because I had it with previous version, too. When you search the internet you will see that many people seem to have similar problems with this chipset. There are a few suggested solutions but none of them worked for me. I think there is a big problem with the chipset driver.

For me that current situation is like this:
* Connection to wi-fi is established quickly
* Connection quality is normal
* Speed seems to have a huge latency and is very slow (around 10kb/s)
* After 1 minute no data is transmitted anymore
* After 2 minutes the connection is lost and re-established immediately

I have played with /etc/modprobe.d/RTL8723AE.conf some time ago and managed to get a good improvement (up to 40Mbit/s data transfer). Unfortunately, this only worked for 2 minutes. Then the connection was lost again and I never got this speed again.

All solutions that are suggested on the Internet seem to not have a clue what the real problem is. They just seem to try some things out. :-(

Any help to find out what is going wrong and how to fix this is appreciated very much!
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