Win7 to Win 10 Upgrade impact on my dual boot PC

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Re: Win7 to Win 10 Upgrade impact on my dual boot PC

Post by wayne128 »

EdQld wrote:Hi Guys, frustrating stuff :-)

I tried running "Boot-repair" again in Live USB Mint, which asked me to run Terminal commands, the last command resulting in this Error:

mint@mint ~ $ sudo chroot "/mnt" apt-get install -y --force-yes grub-efi-amd64-signed shim-signed linux-signed-generic
Hi EdQld,

I have not yet upgrade Win7 on UEFI computer.
Cant help much.

I would suggest you create a new thread, change your title to something like
UEFI dual boot Win7-Win10 upgrade
the title should get some attention to people who are good at UEFI.

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Re: Win7 to Win 10 Upgrade impact on my dual boot PC

Post by Penn »

Mark Phelps wrote:
If you use a CD to do a "clean install" of 10 it will replace the GRUB.
Couple of comments on this ...

1)CD -- You can't use a CD since Win10 is far too large to fit on a CD; instead, you must use a DVD.

2) You can't do a clean-install using the Win10 DVD to a machine that has not previously run Win10; instead, the DVD can only be used to upgrade an existing installation of Win7/8/8.1. If you force an install of Win10 to such a machine, while it will install, it will NOT activate.

Folks have been mislead to believe that MS is giving out free copies of Win10. It's not! It's giving out free UPGRADES to Win10.
Point 1, okay. I meant disc and typed CD. Big difference, I agree.

Yes, you can do a clean install on some machines and use your 7/8/8.1 product key if you download the ISO from the correct source and on a drive that already has a legitimate copy of the earlier versions. I know several people who did so from this link (even one respected member of this board did so and wrote about it, thus the first I heard about the UEFI reset issue).

That said, I have heard of some people having issues with GRUB after upgrade to 10 on legacy BIOS's since my initial post. Not surprising, consistency from Mircrosoft with all the download/update options doesn't seem to be there. With the inconsistencies I'd recommend the update path for most people.

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Re: Win7 to Win 10 Upgrade impact on my dual boot PC

Post by normpot »

Hello all,
I started this thread, I am not an advanced Linux user, but I want to recover sda linux grub (MBR) after win 10 upgrade. I am thinking using one of the following 2 options:

Option 1: Use Acronis image backup/recovery software from Acronis boot CD (Using F12, my BIOS F2 already set to boot 1st from CD, then USB , then HDD ) and recover my MBR (original sda linux grub) ... I hope Acronis should wipe Win 10 boot loader and put back my linux grub in MBR sda.
I have no BIOS UEFI secure boot option in my computer.

Option 2: After win 10 upgrade use Linux Mint 17.1 or 17.2 DVD or usb stick, boot my computer from CD or usb, then clean re-install/re-write the existing entire Linux Mint into sda5 (ext4) and swap in sda6 partitions.

If these options seem not feasible, I prefer to keep my current Win 7 + LM 17.1 combo.
Linux Mint is more important for me than Windows.

I appreciate your suggestions, Norm.

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