LMDE 2 on a laptop with NVIDIA Optimus

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LMDE 2 on a laptop with NVIDIA Optimus

Post by Felix2cat »

Hi there !

I really suffered a headache while installing LMDE 2 on my laptop :cry: . Why ? Mainly the graphic card's fault... This is a NVIDIA Optimus, so Linux is basically using the "nouveau" driver. Except this driver is a terrible pain in the ass : unstable, buggy and unuseful :twisted: !

My configuration : ACER Aspire V3 with GeForce GTX 760M

So I decided to describe my REX that is finally working...
Unfortunately, I won't detail the "easy" commands : have a look in this forum for Synaptic, Aptitude and so on !

1) Write down (on a paper) all of your preferred softwares on the former system

2) Don't forget to identify the system partition you'd like to use. For example if you're replacing an old distribution...

3) Reboot on USB stick containing LMDE Iso

4) Proceed with the installation, and upgrade all the packages

5) Reboot and connect with an administrator account (the previous you've created, for example)
- Install all your preferred softwares you previously wrote (via Synaptic or Aptitude)
- Select a new Plymouth style : Menu > Administration > Login Window. Choose something based on "GDM"
- sudo dpkg-reconfigure samba-common-bin

6) Maybe your screen brightness was maximum or minimum after starting :shock: . I guess you'd like to memorize a better default value.
- In file "/etc/rc.local", add the following lines :
echo 2640 > /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/brightness
exit 0

7) Blacklist "Nouveau" to force the Intel driver by default
- Create "/etc/modprobe.d/nouveau.conf" and add these 2 lines :
blacklist nouveau
options nouveau modeset=0
- sudo update-initramfs -u

8) Reboot and if you want verify that "Nouveau" disappeared :

9) Finally verify there are no errors or warnings :
grep 'DRI\|GLX' /var/log/Xorg.0.log

Finished ! :mrgreen:

PS : If you want, you may now install NVIDIA proprietary driver, but that's another story ! It'll be easier now. :wink:
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Post by TomRoche »

Felix2cat wrote:3) Reboot on USB stick containing [LMDE2]
See this fine tutorial for details.


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