boot disk with share to samba server

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boot disk with share to samba server

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The short story is, I want a bootable disk that will connect to a share on a SMB NAS server. On my live machine, it works fine. In fact my /etc/fstab makes the connection.

From my fstab:
// /media/syncovery cifs credentials=/home/cave-man/.smbcredentials,iocharset=utf8,gid=1000,uid=1000,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777 0 0

Specifically, I have a product called Image for linux (IFL) from It's a linux based app. It's a bootable cd that loads a very bare bones linux that runs an imaging software to make an image of whatever drive you want. It'll do linux, mac or windows. When you boot from the cd, you can search for a server and select a share to backup to, then run the backup. Works great! Love it. You can also automate it using a script. Rather than manually telling it to search for and select a drive, telling it what compression ratio to use...etc. You're supposed to be able to simply boot from the disk and it'll do it's thing. (FWIW, you can do it all from a cron job)

Attached is an unedited sample script, and the one I'm trying to get to work. Their support - even when emailing directly - consists of, "see this article; which says, edit this script."

You can download a free trial here: ...

My NAS is named GEQNAP. The share I have is called ManCaveSync. I have a sub folder called images, but I don't really care if the image goes to the root of ManCaveSync.The NAS is linux based as well and as I say, the live machine makes the connection just fine. The share is set to guest. The only reason I have .smbcredentials in fstab is that I could not find how to tell it no password is required.

I THINK the problem I'm having is where to mount the share. In the fstab it mounts it at /media/syncovery. Of course when booting from a cd, no drives are mounted. / is on a 230 GB ssd and /home is on a separate drive.
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