CTRL+ALT+DEL => System Monitor ?

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CTRL+ALT+DEL => System Monitor ?

Post by johonunu »

In Windows when you press CTRL+ALT+DEL it brings you System Task Manager where you can kill processes, see how much RAM is used and so on. This can be also achived in Linux Mint.

1. Click on Mint Menu->Preferances->Keyboard Shortcuts.
2. When window opens, click on the bottom button called "Add"
3. Small dialog opens. Enter the name : "System Monitor" and command : "gnome-system-monitor".
4. Scroll to the bottom and in a "Custom Shortcuts" section find "System Monitor". Double click on the "Shortcut" on the right to assign new shortcut and press CTRL+ALT+DEL

Does anyone think this is usefull ?
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Re: CTRL+ALT+DEL => System Monitor ?

Post by RelicKylias »

Is definitely useful for Linux newbies who've came from Windows. :)
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Re: CTRL+ALT+DEL => System Monitor ?

Post by shimself »

My fingers fly not to Ctrl-Alt-Del (which in windows does not immediately yield Task Manager aka System Monitor) but to Ctrl-Shift-Esc (which does). But the keyboard binding program rejects this combo and just reverts to unassigned. In fact some experimenting suggests it won't accept Esc full stop. I even tried typing the key combo (ie c t r l etc) but no joy
OK I can live with Crtl-Alt-Del but still, is there a way?

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Re: CTRL+ALT+DEL => System Monitor ?

Post by all41 »

Another handy keyboard shortcut is to assign Ctrl+Alt+X to command 'xkill'.
This turns the cursor into an X. Move it to any hung app and click to
terminate. This eliminates finding the hung app in the System Monitor/Processes.
Right click cancels the xkill operation

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Re: CTRL+ALT+DEL => System Monitor ?

Post by stepnjump »

Wow great suggestions. I love the ctrl alt X for xkill... Thank you!

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Re: CTRL+ALT+DEL => System Monitor ?

Post by shawnhcorey »

I created two aliases for use on the command line. The require the name of the process to work.
  • alias pew='killall '
  • alias nuke='killall -9 '
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