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troublesome drives

Post by ronan »

I'm in some what of a troublesome situation:

I have two hard drives in my computer. A 160 GB drive which I recently installed and an 80 GB drive - I installed Bianca on the 160 GB drive and XP is on the 80 GB drive. I realized I still had my linux partition on the the 80 GB drive so I tried to repartition the drive such that I removed all the linux partitions and extended the ntfs partition to fill the drive. Unfortunately, the partitioner had an error saying that the ntfs partition could not be extended (I don't remember the exact words). I restarted the computer and booted into XP to see what damage had been done, but nothing seemed wrong. Windows still only recognized that it had 44.2 GB of space even though the other partitions were deleted. When I tried to turn off the computer, XP failed to shutdown. I wasn't too worried because I backed up all my files before adjusting the partitions, but now XP isn't working properly. I tried to use the system recovery discs I have, but all they did was (partially) reinstall XP on the 160 GB drive, wiping out Bianca in the process - I'm pretty sure this is because the 160 GB drive is set as master. I reinstalled Bianca on the 160 GB and is working fine, but I still have no XP. I realize this is a long story but my question is this:

Is there a simple way to get my system restore cds to boot into the 80 GB drive?
Also, how do I get ntfs to fill the drive? GParted says it is all ntfs, but when I'm in windows, it says it only has 44.2 GB - is there any windows command to fix this. I know how to solve this the long way - flip the drives so the 80GB is master, restore XP, reflip the drives so the 80 GB becomes slave; but I want to know if there is a simpler way before opening up my computer. Also, what is the difference between having Linux as slave vs. being master. From what I know, master does a better job of transfering files to the other drive (is this true?), but is it worth changing the drives between master and slave?
Thank You.

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Post by Boo »

use gparted to delete the new ntfs drives you created on the 80GB drive and leave the space as unpartitoned.
boot into windows and use the disk manager to create the new ntfs drives.
windows is very fussy about how drives are created and what they are partitioned as. ie anything not MS partitioned is a real problem.
Now where was i going? Oh yes, crazy!

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