Why can't I select text on Facebook from mobile

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Why can't I select text on Facebook from mobile

Post by Portreve »

Does anyone know why one cannot select text on Facebook when using a mobile-platform web browser, yet one can select text using a normal desktop web browser?

I deal with Facebook on my phone strictly using the mobile web interface, and while my normal go-to web browser is Chrome, when I've tried Firefox Mobile, it exhibits the same behavior. However, this problem is not present with typical run-of-the-mill web sites.

Also, there never seems to be a "Translate this page" option, which in most but not all cases would equally solve the problem.

It's not so much that I'm looking for a solution (though an elegant one would be great) but I am seeking an explanation.

Thanks so much!

EDIT: Dolphin and Opera also give the same results, it seems.
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Re: Why can't I select text on Facebook from mobile

Post by jonnymoon96 »

you may want to change the user agent on your phone browser as mobile browsers often have a feature to request the desktop version of a website to see if that helps by any chance however be aware of any copyright liability you can have in your country
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