Problems after update

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Problems after update

Post by njohn »

My local radio stations don't carry any of the talk shows I like and I listen over the net.
Installed ver6 alongside WinXP and EVERYTHING worked great until I updated. Now none of the urls of streaming radio (like will come up. They ALL time out.

I uninstalled and reinstalled and ALL is OK again. Now I'm afraid to update. HELP please.

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Re: Problems after update

Post by rivenought »

One thing I discovered a long time back was just because an update was available did NOT mean that I had to accept it. Mint 6 was carefully assembled in its original form. Once you deviate from the original form, you may or may not have problems. If you stick to the Level 1 and 2 updates only, you have a system that has packages tested by Clem and the team. The Level 3 packages can break things in certain instances since they are designed for Ubuntu systems. That is what has happened in your case, I am guessing. One package messed something up. I have had that situation before, so I know the anguish. As you become more familiar and experienced with Linux, you can actually jump right in with the Level 4 and 5 packages. Though, for now, I would leave those alone.

So, you did a reinstall. You are back to everything being as Clem released it. Great. You can set your mintUpdate to accept level 1 and 2 packages. You can also set it to show the level 3 packages, but NOT enable them. This way, you can then pick and choose which Level 3 packages, if any, you may wish to accept. In your case, there is one package you do not want to accept again. Not sure what it is, either. You can have fun experimenting, or leave it alone and enjoy Mint 6 for a couple more months until Mint 7 is released. Have fun.
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Re: Problems after update

Post by natchezjohn »

Thank you,

I'll stick with it as is and wait for ver7, but ver6 works fine for me so no rush.

BTW I was using RocketFM(which is npt compatible with linux) on XP and ver6 picked it up and it WORKS on Mint6 - Great

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T J Tulley
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Re: Problems after update

Post by T J Tulley »

Personally, I rely on the fact that these are described as "recommended" updates, so I accept them all.

So far the only problem has been that Thunderbird malfunctioned after update - but recovered after re-start (not re-boot).
Yours hopefully -

Theo Tulley.
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