Finally hit road block scraptop...

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Finally hit road block scraptop...

Post by Tomgin5 »

I stumbled onto a very pretty scraptop today with a missing hard drive. A Dell D410. I tried my LM17.3 Cinnamon 64 live drive and it would not boot. this is a sure indication it is a 32 bit system. The laptop had an intel Centrino on it so I tried an LM 18.1 Cinnamon 32 live drive. It booted up in about 30 seconds. I checked the WIFI, it worked. The speakers worked. I liked the 4 USB plugs available. The wired internet worked. The lithium HD battery was good and charging nicely The recycle shop was out of 2-1/2 inch SATA drives but had some small SSD's. I bought a 64 GIG for $25. I slipped it in but the end cap that normally goes on the end of the hard drive was missing.
I slipped in the SSD anyway and booted it up with the live flash drive. It booted but it did not see the SSD.
Dummy Me! The plug inside was not a SATA plug. It is an oddball straight single row IDE type plug.
I scrapped the whole laptop. Kept the 2GIG RAM, battery, display, keyboard and SSD. They are all usable on other scraptops.

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Re: Finally hit road block scraptop...

Post by Citizen229 »

If it was an IDE plug the SSd never would have inserted into the socket. SSD is actually 2 plugs that look like 1 on laptops. The small port is data and the long is power.

IDE ... /ides1.jpg

SATA ... S_1000.jpg

IDE is not oddball, its old school :P
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Re: Finally hit road block scraptop...

Post by JohnBobSmith »

"scraptop" haha.... nice.

Could you use an external HDD/SSD exclusively then if you're sure the internal jacks are incorrect/busted? Might be slow, unless its USB 3.0, or quite possibly even FireWire, but I doubt the possibilities of both existing on your scraptop.* Otherwise saving these sorts of things for parts is a great idea. I did it with my sisters laptop, which was identical to mine. After her laptop got completely busted (monitor snapped in half internally among other things) I kept the RAM, the wifi card, and the HDD I'm going to give Mint another go on once I fix my download. :D

*that term, scraptop, makes me giggle profusely on the inside. Thanks for the laugh :)
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