put my logo etc instead of Mint

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put my logo etc instead of Mint

Post by skywalker89 »


cannot find any post or information about this, so its is all "free"??

Am building terminals based on Mint.... for me it would be good to add my own logo etc in all boot screens, wallpapers etc...

this is a commercial project...

so would this be legal? would it be ok?

Like putting my XYOS logo on it, and perhaps an attribution below?

And how could I change the bootup/shutdown logo in case this is ok?



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Re: put my logo etc instead of Mint

Post by deepakdeshp »

To change logos
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Re: put my logo etc instead of Mint

Post by killer de bug »

To my understanding, you can fully rebrand the distribution and distribute it, but you need to remove all the Linux Mint name and logo. And of course, the distribution should not be called Linux Mint anymore.
Otherwise, you need to leave it untouched.
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