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New Browser

Post by Ringel05 »

Not sure if this goes here but over the last month I've been trying out the Brave browser. It's designed for privacy and it's fast, much faster than either Firefox or Chrome. I'm not an IT guy so I can't give detailed info so if anyone is interested you'll have to research it yourselves.
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Re: New Browser

Post by kc1di »

Hello Ringel05 and welcome to Linux Mint Forums,
Thank you for the suggestion about Brave it is fast. :)
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Re: New Browser

Post by sphyrth »

Got a whiff of Brave because of that controversy with Mozilla's CEO.

I wouldn't doubt that it's fast for now. That's how Firefox and Chrome started with. Let's just have to wait for Brave's bloat to surface and see how fares out.
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Re: New Browser

Post by MintBean »


I've seen Brave mentioned before but didn't try it. Seeing another recommendation nudged me to do that.
This is my new browser. Like the feel of it, like the snappiness, like the built in privacy protection, plus pinned tabs actually work unlike Firefox.

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Re: New Browser

Post by sammiev »

I tried Brave today and was surprised how fast it was.

Started testing it for leaks and so on and found it to fail the WebRTC leak test with/without VPN.

Sorry to say that it's a show stopper for myself.

Tested for the leak here:

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Re: New Browser

Post by Pierre »

yeah - - did try out the new Brave Browser for a while,
and thought that it was similar to Chrome Browser,
& did play with it, for a while.

it's slowly catch on, as some folks are always looking for an alternative browser.
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