lspkg - quickly and portable-y show, describe, and search installed packages.

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lspkg - quickly and portable-y show, describe, and search installed packages.

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Thought I'd share one of my shell programs here. I figured this forum would be the best place, since it's terminal-focused.

This is a link to the stable (hopefully xD) branch, but feel free to check out the dev branch if you want to see what I'm currently up to, if anything. I think I'm quite happy with where lspkg is at right now. Worked on it quite a bit recently and added some features and bug fixes. You may find this tool being as useful as I do. Comes with an (un)installer, as with much of my stuff.

I wrote it for Debian and Ubuntu installations of Linux, so it works in Mint 18.2, at least by my testing. ... ster/lspkg

If you spot on any bugs or have any feature requests, let me know, either via GitHub, post here under this thread, or PM me on this site. I use GitHub daily, so there is more likely to get my attention.


Now supports bash completion and has since been otherwise updated. Stealing instructions from my other thread:

Here's a quick couple of lines to run one-after-the-other to download and install lspkg with insit (software manager for many programs I've written and put on GitHub):

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wget -q && sudo bash insit -S
sudo insit lspkg
Stay updated with sudo insit -U lspkg, or check out the latest (probably unstable) changes by installing straight from the dev branch: sudo insit -B dev -U lspkg
Here to help.

I'm LearnLinux (LL) on YouTube: ... naEE6NtDSg
I'm also terminalforlife (TFL) on GitHub:

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