Font smoothing not equal between 2 monitors

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Font smoothing not equal between 2 monitors

Post by Eucalyptus »

Using LinuxMint Cinnamon 18.3, kernel 4.10.0-42
- Monitor1 (main): laptop 1600 x 900
- Monitor2, external, 1920 x 1080

System Settings / Fonts:
- Hinting: Medium
- Antialiasing: Rgba
- RGBA Order: RGB

The fonts looks jaggy on the external monitor. This looks particularly visible on application where reading is important (Firefox, Calibre ePub viewer, PDF). Moving the application from the external monitor to the laptop. The font rendering immediately look perfect.

So far I have tried to many combinations of settings without any improvement. (change fonts, font settings in the application, font settings in Mint System settings)

Question: is the jaggy font on the external monitor caused by the unequal screen resolution between 2 monitors?
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