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Copy Hard Drive

Post by stargazerpjs »

I want to install a larger HD but do not want to go through another install, would just like to copy one HD to another and boot from new drive, Any good programs for this or what is the terminal commands ?
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Re: Copy Hard Drive

Post by Pierre »

there is a few ways to do that,
- an Program like Macrium Reflect. ... ftware.htm
- using the Linux Command line via DD ... u-live-cd/
- using the Linux Live Environment via Gparted.
http://computerdoctor-mitchel.blogspot. ... -disc.html

afterwards, you may also have to redo the Grub Boot Loader, as well.
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Re: Copy Hard Drive

Post by Mute Ant »

This works...
...but it's not fool-proof. Direct drive-to-drive cloning always includes a risk of writing the empty drive over the original.
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