Bluetooth unreliable

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Bluetooth unreliable

Post by lotech »

Hi there,

I've been using LMDE 2 for years now, I find one problem quite annoying to me. I am using a Bluetooth mouse, it on and off refuse to connect, usually it will connect upon boot but will disconnect in 10-15 min. as the BT turned off by itself, I've to manually turn it on everytime, this problem seems to have fixed on one release but came back on the next one, is there a permanent fix for that ?
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Re: Bluetooth unreliable

Post by dclement »

Hi lotech,

I too have BT issues on 2 different laptops. I don't know any magic solution, but I have noticed that
1) the blueman-applet manager seems to work better than others (at least with my hardware);
2) it does help, once connected, to open it from the tray, e.g. by displaying the list of connected devices, and leaving it running in the background.

HTH - Daniel

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