inxi report, what is it and how to use it for troubleshooting

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inxi report, what is it and how to use it for troubleshooting

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What is that 'inxi' for?

Inxi is a diagnostic tool which is used mostly for troubleshooting over forums or on irc support channel (#linuxmint-help). It will list information about your hardware, drivers and installed software.
With a full inxi report, people trying to help you get a clear overview of your system, and which things could be improved or should be fixed.

How is it used on chat?

To prevent flooding of the irc support channel, inxi on chat is always used in combination with " |nc 9999 " .
With this termbin addition, the inxi report will be uploaded to a website (to prevent spamming of the support channel)
Then you can you easily share just the link/URL in the channel to anyone who was trying to help you.

How do I provide an inxi report for people trying to help me?

  • First we need to open a terminal, in order to do so, press Ctrl+Alt+T (or on your panel(taskbar) click the Image icon, you can also find terminal in your menu)
  • Now copy the following line:
  • Code: Select all

    inxi -Fxxxrzc0|nc 9999
  • Paste this line in terminal by using Ctrl+Shift+V and run it
  • If you didn't get a link with this command, try the following command instead:

    Code: Select all

    inxi -Fxxxrzc0|pastebin
  • Copy the resulting link/URL by highlighting it with your mouse and pressing Ctrl+Shift+C (or right-click the highlighted link/URL and click "copy")
  • Now paste the link/URL output in chat.

If you don't see a link/URL output, check if you followed the steps correctly, try a second time, and if you still not succeed in getting a link/URL in return, just say so in chat.


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