Some problems with Mint 19. Can you help me, please ?

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Some problems with Mint 19. Can you help me, please ?

Post by lfvidal »

Hello guys. I am new here in the forum and Mint 19. Many years ago I used Slack and Ubuntu but without much depth in the OS. I could solve any problems without difficulty. After a few years only using Windows, I decided to go back to Linux (I like it a lot), but I am now facing some more serious problems. Well, I really need your help. Lets go to what matters.

1) After installing Mint 19 and doing all the updates that the system requested, including the kernel, I noticed a significant increase in temperatures in general (CPU, GPU and motherboard). Note that this increase did not occur after the updates. I get differences of 15 ~ 18 degrees celsius in the cpu (idle) when compared to Windows (8.1).

2) I can not install my Amd Radeon RX-460. While following several tips and tutorials to install amdgpu-pro, I always get the message "unsupported Os".

3) Extremely time consuming startup, even removing programs contained in it.

Guys, I am very outdated in relation to Linux and I need you to have some patience with me, and try to guide me as cleanly and explicitly as possible. (A step by step would leave me immensely grateful).

Below the configuration of my computer:

- Asus M5A78L-M/USB3;
- Amd Fx-8320e (AUTO in bios - stock cooler);
- Radeon xfx rx-460 2Gb (dual fan);
- 8gb ddr3;
- Case with 3 fans (1 rear + 2 front).

Now I have to wait and thank you all. Thank you !

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michael louwe
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Re: Some problems with Mint 19. Can you help me, please ?

Post by michael louwe »

@ ifvidal, .......
ifvidal wrote:.
Try installing LM 18.3. The recent LM 19 does not seem as stable, eg avoid running Linux kernel

Installing the proprietary AMD graphics card driver can be a problem. For some guidance, please refer to ... viewtopic.php?t=250829

For booting problems with AMD graphics cards, please refer to the fix at ... viewtopic.php?f=46&t=122257

The proprietary CPU Power Management feature(= acpi), eg sleep/suspend/hibernate/idle/monitor off, is not well-supported in Linux = avoid using sleep, suspend, etc.

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Re: Some problems with Mint 19. Can you help me, please ?

Post by majpooper »

michael louwe wrote:
Sun Jul 15, 2018 12:38 pm
@ ifvidal, .......

Try installing LM 18.3.
Best advice you could get - wait till 19.3 has been released and soaked in the field for a few months before you try it. Mint is like fine wine the more it ages the better it gets.

Also - just a tip to save you some frustration - try a live DVD or USB .iso on your rig first just to make sure everything is supported. And if you have any problems get them worked out here first then install the OS on your HD. The live version won't be quite as snappy as when it's installed on your HD but good enough for you see how everything is working.

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