2 questions about Cinnamon DE

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2 questions about Cinnamon DE

Post by Valsodar »

1. Is it possible to update only Cinnamon to a newer version and remain with 18.3? If "yes", how?
2. When I opened Synaptic and typed "cinnamon" in the search box, I noticed there's a package named "cinnamon-desktop-environment" and it isn't installed. According to its description it's a "full desktop env with extra components". If it's a "full desktop env", why it wasn't installed by default?
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Re: 2 questions about Cinnamon DE

Post by gm10 »

1. Yes, install it manually or add the Mint 19 repos and get it from there. It has the potential of breaking your system - I can't confirm one way or another - so I won't go into more details.
2. If you installed the Cinnamon variant of 18.3, then you've already got Cinnamon. What you found is just a meta-package to make installing it to to other variants easier. You don't need it.
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