Yikes! Windows issues and fixes

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Re: Yikes! Windows issues and fixes

Post by Portreve »

If we were ever to encounter an advanced (i.e. "technologically developed") alien civilization, I wonder what sort of operating system(s) they would be using. That is, would they have gone down the path of open, community developed software?

FWIW, I hope we're not the only sentient species in the universe. Imagine how lonely it would be to know there's nobody else out there to enjoy or appreciate the beauty and the wonders of the universe.
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Re: Yikes! Windows issues and fixes

Post by lsemmens »

If we were to encounter an alien technologically advanced race. I'd hope they don't judge us by the yobibytes of crap we have published to the ether in the last century. We're all DOOOOOOMED, I tell you! Repent! The end is nigh!!!!!

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