Taskbar and background on dual monitor

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Taskbar and background on dual monitor

Post by bhola_singh »

I have a monitor attached to the linux laptop. I would like both screens to NOT Mirror and be two separate desktops. So far, I have managed to get them to be like this, with the monitor being the primary display. However, I only see the background and panel in the monitor but not in the laptop, even though I have specified a custom pic as the background on that monitor.

Also, if you look at the screenshot, if I say the panel spans monitors then the right side portion of my taskbar (with time, notification area, etc.) vanishes i.e. I don't see any panel in the laptop monitor. If I uncheck spans monitor then I can see the panel with all items in it in the monitor.

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How do I get different background on the monitors and either have one panel extend to both/visible or two different panels?

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Re: Taskbar and background on dual monitor

Post by rickNS »

Neither of those links work.

Only the primary screen has a panel, you can add a panel on that screen, then drag it to the other.

Different wall papers on each screen, is somewhat distro / DE dependent. I won't say impossible on some DEs, but probably more effort than worth.
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