Unknown software wants to install itself on my Linux system!

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Re: Unknown software wants to install itself on my Linux system!

Post by gm10 »

jglen490 wrote:
Fri Nov 02, 2018 3:55 pm
I think that making a clear distinction between the repos and additional resources is a useful feature, and would actually highlight the fact of the additional resources.
The distinction is rather clearly made though, it tells you exactly when a package is a flatpak including what remote it comes from. That's actually something I think Software Manager should also show for non-flatpak sources, namely what repository a packages will be installed from, including the release pocket. It's relevant to know whether I'm installing software from the supported main pocket or from the unsupported universe pocket, or even from a PPA.
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Re: Unknown software wants to install itself on my Linux system!

Post by jglen490 »

Now that's good thinking! Give the user relevant information. The user is free to ignore it, or to dig deeper, or just accept it as it is.

Too many OSes, well maybe just Windows, assume that they can make better decisions than the user can make. That's incredibly arrogant. Give the users credit for having brains, and let them make the decision or even opt out of decision-making if they choose, but just assume they are inquisitive and intellectually capable of making a decision of some sort.
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Re: Unknown software wants to install itself on my Linux system!

Post by Fredashay »

Ahhh, I didn't mean to start a war over Flatpak, lol.

As long as the consensus is that it's not malicious, I'll let it update and not worry about it...

Here's what I have. It seems I have a lot of flatpak stuff that I didn't know I had. I recognize a couple of games that I installed a long time ago.

Code: Select all

fred@X10DAi:~$ flatpak list
Ref                                                Options       
com.albiononline.AlbionOnline/x86_64/stable        system,current
com.bladecoder.adventure-editor/x86_64/stable      system,current
com.dosbox.DOSBox/x86_64/stable                    system,current
com.github.bitseater.weather/x86_64/stable         system,current
com.inventwithpython.flippy/x86_64/stable          system,current
org.freedesktop.Platform.ffmpeg/x86_64/1.6         system,runtime
org.freedesktop.Platform.html5-codecs/x86_64/18.08 system,runtime
org.freedesktop.Platform/x86_64/1.6                system,runtime
org.freedesktop.Platform/x86_64/18.08              system,runtime
org.gnome.Platform/x86_64/3.24                     system,runtime
org.gnome.Platform/x86_64/3.26                     system,runtime
org.gnome.Platform/x86_64/3.28                     system,runtime
org.gtk.Gtk3theme.Mint-Y/x86_64/3.22               system,runtime
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