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Post by TL7 »

I do not know whether the following post belongs here, but in past, I have rather posted criticism into the forums.
It was constructive criticism about things such as the missing ability to scroll after clicking the middle mouse button and the mid-screen volume indicater that is not as good as the one from Windows, but I think that a bit of gratitude from my side is necessary as well.
  • Thank you for providing users for free with a highly functional, stable, smooth, fast, safe and versatile operating system that even supports live boot. (not only Linux Mint but also Ubuntu, FreeBSD, etc.)
  • Thank you for the support from the community.
  • Thank you for the mature out-of-box experience with much basic useful software pre-installed.
  • Thank you for the intuitive user interface controls such as task switching by using the mouse scroll wheel on the task bar and also volume controls with scroll wheel while the mouse is pointing at the tray icon.
  • Thank you for the wide variety of desktop environments, each with it's own strengths.
    (Cinnamon is more familliar to Windows users and also has an eyecandy look (including partially transparent terminal), Xfce is lightweight yet highly functional, KDE has a modern premium look, is intuitive and feature-rich and Mate is also very versatile and customizeable, uses rather few ressources, has a classic Linux look known from Gnome 2, and most importantly, supports multi-level panels on top of each other on the same screen edge.) I have tried out each of them. I use Mate at the moment.
  • Thank you to the programmers of software such as ddrescue, smartctl, multimedia and graphics software, ffmpeg, the file managers, catfish file search, redshift, etc.
  • Thank you for the intuitive terminal which also supports tabs and copy/paste using Ctrl+Shift+C and Ctrl+Shift+V.
  • Thank you for the adaptive auto-completion features (using Tab key) of the terminal.
  • Thank you for the useful and versatile terminal commands such as grep, less, lsblk, etc. .
  • Thank you to the writers of the manuals that can be accessed using the man command.
  • Thank you for the rather quick and easy installation process which was useful to me when installing it onto virtual machines in the matter of minutes.
  • Thank you for keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl+Shift+U and Alt+F6, F7, F8, F9 and AltGraph for useful special characters such as “”„↓→←↑«», etc. .
  • …and also thanks to Linus Torvalds for making all of this possible.
I would be glad if this message will be well-received, because the time has come for somebody to say this. 8) :idea:

Re: Gratitude.

Post by redlined »

TL7 wrote:
Wed Nov 07, 2018 6:27 pm

[*]Thank you for the support from the community.

I would be glad if this message will be well-received, because the time has come for somebody to say this. 8) :idea:
hi TL7!

Cheers, make that three Cheers! Although I share that same attitude of gratitude for the entire experience since jumping to LM this past Spring I did leave one from your list to focus extra thanks to, specifically this community forum full of helpful folks sharing tips, tweaks and certainly tons of fixes that us new users cause or otherwise get frustrated by.

I consider this a rare space and I too appreciate!

Salute, forum owner and every single one who voluntarily helps others here.
great respect, all in good form, and certainly well done!
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Re: Gratitude.

Post by heavy metal »

Thank you too for this post, it was beautiful, also thanks to figures like Richard M. Stallman and Eric S. Raymond, because for their beliefs in free and open source software, we are all able to use this marvelous operative system called Gnu/Linux!
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Re: Gratitude.

Post by lsemmens »

Agreed Wholeheartedly. It takes way less time and effort to say "Thank you" than it does to complain!
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Re: Gratitude.

Post by BG405 »

Just saw this, a pleasure to read & I agree 100%! :D I wish more would see things this way, i.e. those who do just post moans, complaints & even demands, perhaps without realizing just how much time and effort goes in to these projects, or through a misplaced sense of entitlement.

In fact, I've finally decided which OS to put on the server: LM18.3 KDE, to replace the ageing LM17.3 Cinnamon which to be fair is a bit heavy for this old hardware & my demands on it. I'll probably prepare the OS on its replacement HDD tonight (it's already partitioned & populated). I intend to stick with Mint on this machine for as long as I can get KDE to work & will still have my LM Xfce machines long term even if KDE requires a different distro in future.

This thread helped me to make my mind up. 8)
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