'Themes' option will not open and other questions

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'Themes' option will not open and other questions

Post by Hundjager »

I want to experiment with new themes but the theme option will simply not open on my system. I could use the terminal, but I am kind of a noob and do not want to mess something up. I am using Linux Mint Cinnamon 19 and also have WIndows 10 installed on this system.

My other question is, how do I increase the amount of space I initially gave to the partition I installed MInt on? I received a warning earlier warning me that space was running low.

Thank you for reading.
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Re: 'Themes' option will not open and other questions

Post by mintage »

Noob here too.

THEME: Do you mean the Menu / SystemSettings / <Appearance>Themes icon does not open a window?
Do you mean you don't have an icon?

OTHER: You may have another issue if you have about 15GB for root dir and another partition for home dir. I would back everything up some where else before I did anything else, at all.
you can get a general list of your partitions with
kybd shortcut: <Ctrl> + <Alt> + t

Code: Select all

inxi -p
I thought I read something about Windows10 being able to resize Windows partitions "without losing data", but I haven't tried it because I don't have time to really check that out and fix it if anything goes wrong.
I understand that GParted will allow you to re-allocate an established partition, but the disk must be unmounted so you'd need to boot from a live CD that has that partitioning program on it, then run GParted to change partitions. From what I can tell, moving Microsoft partitions this way causes data loss.

If you don't need Windows...
:twisted: you could use the whole drive for Linux :twisted:
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Thanks to the mint support throng goodness
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