lightdm login screen doesn't accept usernames with dots

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Emerson Prado
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lightdm login screen doesn't accept usernames with dots

Post by Emerson Prado »

Hi all,
I'm trying a LDME 3 Cindy installation in a VirtualBox machine, and found out I can't pass graphical login with usernames with dots. Such users are not shown in the login screen user list. If I login with another user (without dots) and enable manual login via lightdm-settings, then reboot, I can then type users with dots, but the login fails shortly (less than a second) and falls back to the login screen again.
Users with dots worked flawlessly in LMDE 2 Betsy. I use this at work, where usernames are always variations of name.lastname.
Is this a lightdm bug?

My iso is lmde-3-201808-cinnamon-64bit.iso and lightdm version is 1.18.3-1

Best regards,
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