Mouse pointer GRASP almost impossible

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Mouse pointer GRASP almost impossible

Post by Vilsen »

I have a strange problem:
When I move the mouse pointer to a window edge to change its size,
I find it difficult to "grasp" it.

It seems required that it gets EXACTLY on a single pixel
right and outside is not accepted.

Is there any SETTING somewhere that one can do?
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Re: Mouse pointer GRASP almost impossible

Post by kreemoweet »

The current fad among linux theme-writers is to only have a window border of 1 or 2 pixels, if that.
And no user-accessible setting to change it, of course.
This is, of course, highly user-hostile, but there are apparently few negative consequences for the people who do it.
Personally, I would dock six weeks pay for anyone pulling stunts like that.
Anyway, you need to find a different theme, specifically a window-manager theme, that has reasonable window borders.
Where you look for such depends on which desktop environment and window manager you're using. If there's not a satisfactory
one included in your Mint installation, there are websites which are entirely devoted to offering such things for you to download
and install.
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