What do you use for Annotating Screenshots and PDFs?

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What do you use for Annotating Screenshots and PDFs?

Post by Kendoori »

I really like Shutter for captures and marking them up, but spend a very frustrating session yesterday reminded of its limitations on the graphic editing side of things. The annotation tools are mostly almost perfect for me, but once you save the graphic, you can't go back and edit the annotations.

I realize that this is an open-source tool, and it's not Photoshop (e.g. layers), but it's so close to being really good, it's just annoying. I just played around with Ksnip, which has similar editing/annotation tools, in some cases better, but in some cases worse (e.g. you can't edit text after you add it). I've played with Okular, which doesn't really allow drawing or arrows, and the creation of numbered labels. I've also used Xournal (which works with PDFs, but doesn't allow the creation of arrows and text boxes, and won't work with non PDFs or non Xournal files). I realize that one could use something like Gimp, but that's too complext for the type of comments and markup I'd like to do.

I would be happy to do this in a browser. I've used tools like PDFFiller (good for PDFs, but not quite there).

What works for you?
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Re: What do you use for Annotating Screenshots and PDFs?

Post by TLMAC »


I'm wondering, if your experiencing this problem with your Shutter install?


Apparently, it limits the "edit" function/button in Shutter (especially with respect to saved screenshots).

Hope This Helps

Good Luck
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Re: What do you use for Annotating Screenshots and PDFs?

Post by AndyMH »

Thanks for that post and the link, I'd never noticed the edit button in shutter and have mine set to automatically open up gthumb.
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