How many are 100% Linux here?

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Re: How many are 100% Linux here?

Post by boyo1991 »

frostymusic wrote:
Mon Jul 29, 2019 12:55 pm
I was in experimental stage for a long time, almost a year. I played around with other Linux distros, especially Zorin because I thought it be a better switch from Windows 10. I kept a dual boot machine with Windows 10 and finally with Mint Mate. The learning curve to getting used the the Linux lingo was not too bad, I kept notes on index cards so I could remind myself of terms when asking for help. I currently have a partition for Windows, and I can see that eventually going away as I get more comfortable with Mint.

Welcome to fold.
Your now one of US!
lately ive been getting into zorin myself. i really like the design options, however im looking at theme options for LM for a fresh taste
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Re: How many are 100% Linux here?

Post by coffee412 »

I have to have a couple VM's of win7/10 because of my repair business. However, My HP server runs CentOS and my daily driver is a AMD x1800 running the VMs (when I need them) but runs off Mint 18.3

My GF uses Mint 18.3 on her Lenovo G700 laptop and I also run an outdated (and not supported anymore) mythtv for movies and recording tv shows on a AMD six core.

Life is Grand :)
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Re: How many are 100% Linux here?

Post by Benedetto »

I knew of Linux, but not much about it, for some while before I plucked up the courage to switch to Linux Mint. Better the devil you know than the one you do not, they say!
I was totally fed up with W 10 and all the unwanted items that arose with every update so I ran dual boot for a year, but eventually realising that apart from updating W10 once a week I never used it. So when Tara was released I installed it and removed the W10. After a couple of months, finding things fine I then did the same with my laptop, the difference there being it was W7 that went. I recently bought an Android Tablet, which is Linux based - did not want one with any Windows attachment.
So, I guess I can honestly say that I am 100% Linux. :D
Best wishes,
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Re: How many are 100% Linux here?

Post by OveS »

Not 100% Linux, but 100% non-Microsoft :)

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Re: How many are 100% Linux here?

Post by Grarea »

Pretty new to Linux.
I don't really do a lot on the computer. Just 'normal' stuff.
But I put Mint on about 6 months ago.
Was amazed how easy it was.

I have two separate drives, one for windows, one for Linux.
I have only needed to go back to windows to update my satnav and upload my garmin cycle info.
I haven't had a chance to work those out yet.
Other than that, I find no reason to use windows.
When I do, I find myself frustrated.

I shall be looking to change email away from Hotmail as well at some point.
But that involves me getting out my bigger brain.
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Re: How many are 100% Linux here?

Post by frostymusic »

ONE OF US ONE OF US ONE OF US :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
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Re: How many are 100% Linux here?

Post by jmorris84 »

I am getting closer to 100%. I dual boot to get into Windows 10 when I want to mix tracks with my Pioneer DJ controller using Serato. If anyone knows how to get this software to run on Mint, I am all ears. There is also the occasional need for Windows when one of the classes I am taking requires me to use a Microsoft program.

Edit: Nearly forgot, it's soccer season and I watch the EPL on XfinityTV. Anyone have success getting this to run on Linux as well? Maybe then, I can finally be 100%. :D
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Re: How many are 100% Linux here?

Post by redx87 »

Schultz wrote:
Sun Jun 30, 2019 10:28 pm
I still have a Windows 7 computer for two programs that (so far) are irreplaceable. Also, my wife's and my son's computers are still running Windows (8.1).
Yes I'm the same. I'm now 95% Linux and love it, but I keep Windows 7 going for my wife who still uses it. I soon hope to achieve the impossible by converting her to Linux and if I succeed I will gladly dispense with Windows entirely.
Mister Cabbage
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Re: How many are 100% Linux here?

Post by Mister Cabbage »

I'll throw in with 95% linux, i mainly keep windows 10 as a fall back in case there is a game or program i absolutely cannot get to run under linux for whatever reason. since first coming here in 2017, the times i've booted windows i could probably count on one hand. last time was setting up my new computer and getting everything installed after the last one roasted itself. honestly, steam is the real culprit for keeping me tethered to windows/microsoft at this point.

currently i'm triple booting between win 10, linux mint, and kde neon. i have yet another ssd drive i want try a rolling release distro on such as arch. no matter what though, linux mint will remain installed as my "home distro". anything else is purely for curiosity's sake.

a few years ago, i was a bit of a windows fanboy though in my youth i actively turned my nose up at linux rather indignantly, save for the few times i attempted to install a few distros. here i am getting sucked down the emacs rabbit hole and i mess around in terminal quite a bit. in fact, unlike the command prompt in windows, the linux terminal feels strangely inviting. i just feel more at home inside a linux distro overall. funny how things can change.
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Re: How many are 100% Linux here?

Post by famicommander »

I have been Linux only since 2007.

Started with Ubuntu 7.04 and never went back to Windows.

Current machines

Desktop 1:
AMD Ryzen 2200G APU
MX Linux 18.3

Desktop 2:
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 CPU
EVGA Nvidia GeForce 650ti GPU
1 TB 7200 RPM HDD
Linux Mint Cinnamon 19.2

Laptop 1:
ThinkPad Edge E531
Intel Core i7-3632QM CPU
Linux Mint 19.2 Cinnamon

Laptop 2:
Toshiba Satellite A665
Intel Core i3 370M CPU
Linux Mint 19.2 Cinnamon

Other distros I have used in the past:
Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Ubuntu MATE
Puppy Linux

And on the BSD side, PC-BSD (now called TrueOS).

I really like Mint but it would not install on my new Ryzen machine. Of all the distros I tried, only MX, Fedora, and Sabayon would even load a live environment and only MX and Fedora actually installed.

I went with MX because, much like Mint, it's not picky about proprietary software and I feel like it performs better streaming 4K video versus Fedora.
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Re: How many are 100% Linux here?

Post by MissileCop »

I'm about 98%. I still need Windows in a virtual machine since my charting software doesn't offer a Linux version. I also need Windows for my two scanners. I can use them in Linux, but the software doesn't provide all of the features that are present in the Windows software version. It's easier and quicker to scan my documents in Windows and drag them into a shared folder through VirtualBox.
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Re: How many are 100% Linux here?

Post by BG405 »

MissileCop wrote:
Wed Aug 21, 2019 4:02 pm
I also need Windows for my two scanners. I can use them in Linux, but the software doesn't provide all of the features that are present in the Windows software version.
That is a bit of a surprise. What scanners are they?

In my case, the Linux interface is far superior and offers a lot more (if not all) features of the scanner including profiles for transparencies and various manufacturers' film types, whereas the one for Windows was seemingly designed for infants, hobbled with respect to the scanner's capabilities and didn't even show the scan resolution with the very limited range of options. Many failed scans, too. Only the odd one now and then with Linux.
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Re: How many are 100% Linux here?

Post by ZakGordon »

I currently have two main systems i use daily, one is a 'work+fun' custom desktop build (i build PC's too) that is currently Windows 7 Pro only and rarely goes online. I have a plan for dual-boot with Linux Mint in the near future. The other is my 'internet' laptop (i'm typing this on it) that is Linux Mint (XFCE) only.

I just stopped trusting Windows in relation to 'being online' a while back (in the Windows 8 era iirc) after having to spend too much time and effort keeping it 'clean' (i had a few unfortunate experiences of 'drive by' malware infections from served adverts, from reputable sites as well!) and needing to clean install far too often. Windows just became too much of a chore to look after, in relation to being online.

That coupled with the changes i did not like in WIndows 8 (from GUI to the whole 'plan' for MS store integration, greater control of the OS from MS and by the OS in terms of what you could or could not run etc etc) forced me to look elsewhere and as a longtime Windows user, Linux Mint was the recomended place to look. Luckily by the time the Xbone was released (and we saw the new MS plan (to spy on you in your living room etc) and Windows 10 was rolling out i had predicted the future MS was wanting and had been a happy Linux Mint user for a couple of years. At that point i saw i really did have options other than WIndows 10 (thank god).

I recently built a new PC (Ryzen based) to replace/update my current i5 Windows 7 system and the plan is to start out that system in a dual-boot configuration with a custom build of my Windows 7 pro (for work/game stuff etc) and Linux Mint for when it goes online. I plan to run a thread somewhere around these forums when i get to the part for installing the OS on it (the hardware build is done and written up). A guide for those other people like me that don't want a Windows 10 future but might need some Windows on their systems for the things Linux Mint doesn't handle for them.

Currently the house has:

1xAMD Athlon FX socket 939 system running windows XP (offline only and kept for some legacy harware/software).
2x Windows 7 pro systems for work/fun (that will need the dual-boot treatment soon)
1x Linux Mint (XFCE) laptop fo daily internet use
1x super cheap Windows 10 'throw-away' laptop for daily internet access (my wife uses it mostly) just so i can keep abreast of my 'enemies' (windows 10) moves etc ;)
1x new PC build sans OS currently but going to be a custom Windows 7 pro buid with a Linux Mint dual-boot setup. My future work+fun pc.

I am still very much 'mostly' Windows, but my personal daily use is just over two systems and ALL my internet access is over Linux Mint as it is just so much more secure and hassle-free (in terms of maintenance+malware) vs a windows system.

I look forward to the shift later this year when i go dual-boot on most systems and then Linux Mint will likely become the main OS for us all.
Laptop overheating? Check link here:itsfoss guide . A move from Cinnamon to XFCE can give a -5 to -10 degrees C change on overheating hardware.

Build a modern dual-boot Ryzen Win7/Linux Mint PC:Tutorial
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Re: How many are 100% Linux here?

Post by lsemmens »

I am currently attempting to resurrect a mobile phone that is suffering from google lockout. The only stuff that seems to be available that can "root" it is Windwoes based. Guess what? I think I'll be buying a new phone soon. :D
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Re: How many are 100% Linux here?

Post by waywayka »

Been a Mac user and fan since the 1990s. It's been interesting to watch my opinion shift so much over time.

I could see my 2009 macbook pro starting to become obsolete, but didn't feel comfortable shelling out huge dollars for the new model - a somewhat inferior build, with less connection points, and Apple's ever increasing grasp to hold my data for themselves.

I bought a second hand Dell and dual booted it with LM and Windows 10 to experiment. Didn't think I'd be able to print to a windows server from LM. I was wrong. It took some figuring out, but 19.2 has made huge leaps in this area for me,

Just this week I deleted the entire drive and went 100% LM. The macbook is dead now, and I've been able to do my music recording on my Dell. It's a steep learning curve getting into a new audio production system, but the results have been great so far.
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Re: How many are 100% Linux here?

Post by DAMIEN1307 »

I am also 100% Linux not only for myself but also for those that i convert for others...if people approach me to dual boot with windows, i now refuse to do so as i have for the past 2 yrs now. I see zero percentage in battling Windwoes problems, borked updates etc. when there are superior Linux distros to work with.

When the German "Luftwaffe" was gradually leaving their training base here in Alamogordo NM during the last 2 yrs, they donated 14 of their computers, (good, solid Lenovo Thinkcentre computers), that were dutifully DBANed first so i could fix them up with various Linux Operating systems to donate to high school students, school robotics classes and senior citizens that couldnt afford to go out and buy systems for themselves...this brings me up to 79 computer systems now over the past 2 yrs that i have either converted over or donated to others...all are still working and when i check in on these folks, they tell me all is well and trouble free...great satisfaction in helping others...DAMIEN
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Re: How many are 100% Linux here?

Post by handsomegenius »

I still have a Windows partition on my daily driver. But it's never really been used.

I like poking around with Risc OS on the Raspberry Pi sometimes too.

For web hosting, it's Linux all the way!

I'd say I'm 97% Linux.
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Re: How many are 100% Linux here?

Post by frostymusic »

I am now 100% Linux Mint Mate!
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