Turn a bunch of colored JPG files in one folder into grayscale

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Re: Turn a bunch of colored JPG files in one folder into grayscale

Post by phd21 »

Hi "absque fenestris",

I agree with "Moem" that you should probably start your own post for your questions.

It is easy to convert images in ".bmp" and or other image formats into other image formats using XnViewMP (or XnConvert), or "Converseen", Gimp, and other apps one at a time or in batches and or using console terminal application commands.

Although I personally have no problems with console terminal commands, if there are desktop applications that can do the same thing as the console terminal commands, then I would recommend using those.

If you are trying to convert images into PDF document format, there are options for that as well including "gscan2pdf" (great app), superb "XnViewMP" image browser and converter (output to PDF document file are ok but not great IMHO), "Converseen" can easily convert PDF into image(s) but I could not convert images into PDF with my first test. There are also console terminal applications that are installed (imagemagick's "convert") or can be installed from the "Synaptic Package Manager (SPM)" that can convert to PDF, img2pdf, "wkhtmltopdf", not to mention various online websites that can convert almost anything to anything else.

How to create pdf from images (.png, .jpg, etc...) ? - Linux Mint Forums

imagemagick convert image to pdf - Google Search
https://www.google.com/search?sxsrf=ACY ... CAs&uact=5

Converseen – Batch Image Converter with support to 100+ formats
https://www.fosslinux.com/7963/converse ... ormats.htm

Converseen - A Simple Graphical Batch Image Converter And Resizer
https://www.ostechnix.com/install-conve ... ntu-12-10/

Hope this helps ...
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Re: Turn a bunch of colored JPG files in one folder into grayscale

Post by absque fenestris »


This is what I feared: "Bitmap" as an image mode in Photoshop has nothing to do with the Windows standard picture format (.bmp).

Pure black and white conversion in GIMP (second attempt, and that in German...) :
Image > Mode > Indexed > 1-Bit Black & White and - important! Dithering > Floyd-Steinberg must be selected.
I hope my translation is more or less correct...

I used this implementation method in the nineties to create templates for faxing (or for very economical PDF's).

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