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Preferred Applications - Custom option...

Post by tenfoot »

Using LM v19.2 Mate.

I've been using Linux Mint since v3.0 Cassandra and when Gnom2 hit the dust changed to the pre-Mate DE and then to Mate and have remained with it ever since, other than a few attempts to adapt to Cinnamon, because it is so beautiful.

One of the things I found very satisfying was that in Preferred Applications there was an option labelled Custom, which allowed the user to type the command to launch a preferred application. The Custom option was available for both web browser and email client. At some time.and I have no idea when, this option disappeared and one is left with the default only.

Although not a game changer, because it easy to set up a keyboard shortcut to launch the preferred applications, using the default keys allocated in the distribution, it still annoys me each time I have to do this, although it is only when I decide to do a fresh installation.

Does anyone know when the option for a Custom option was dropped and why? And, is anyone annoyed about it?
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Re: Preferred Applications - Custom option...

Post by pbear »

Don't know whether this will suit your needs, but throw it out for consideration.

You can do this pretty easily from File Manager. Right-click the file for which you want to set a preferred app. Select Open with Other Application ...
Notice Use a custom command below the list and the tick box for Remember this application ...

Close enough?
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