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VM advice to new drive

Post by muffybean »

I have fitted a second SSD into my main machine with Windows 10 pro installed on to the other SSD. I want to install Linux Mint Cinnamon 19.3 as a VM on the second SSD, which is currently empty. Both SSD's are Samsung drives and are 256GB in size. I also have a WDC 2TB HDD, which I store loads of videos's, pictures and music on. I have three other machines, two desktops, Linux MATE and Netbook xFCE. Those machines are not so higher spec as my main machine, this is why I am choosing Cinnamon for this one.

My main machine has 16gb memory. Question is how do I install Linux to the empty SSD as VM and what sort of memory do I allocate Cinnamon, plus should I allocate all the 256GB to Cinnamon or partition part for Timeshift use. Reason for asking is I made a bit of a mess up on my backup machine which I initially dual booted to Linux MATE and Win 10 VM but eventually got sorted, with Linux on one drive and Win 10 on another in VM, so don't want to make those errors this time.

I look forward to any good advice from members and wish you all a very happy new year. TIA
Running Linux Mint MATE on 2 desktops + Linux Mint Xfce on Netbook + Cinnamon VM on 3rd Desktop
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