Updated to an invalid "WIRED" internet connection?

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Updated to an invalid "WIRED" internet connection?

Post by greywoulf »

Why has Linux Mint Cinnamon been updated to 3.8.9, which now refuses to accept my wireless connection? It was running great before, but now when I open "Network" in the menu it will only give me "Wired", which I cannot connect to my Fios with... In "Network Connections", yes, I find my previous Fios Wifi address (last used 12 hours ago) and select it, but nothing happens to change offa "Wired"! I keep getting "No Internet. Cable unplugged" messages now....

I left Windows because I didn't want all the bloat and all the MS updates. {But at least they worked most of the time?} No one told me Linux (Cinnamon) would be updating my laptop into unnecessary problems! It's lucky I still have a Win98(!!) laptop so I can use it to go online {wirelessly} to hopefully fix my other currently Linux-disabled laptop..........
Not overly impressed with Linux so far; such updates are leaving me feeling quite insecure?
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Re: Updated ta an invalid "WIRED" internet connection????

Post by decrepit »

time to try out Timeshift I guess.
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