Linux Mint Appreciation Thread. Because it is the best OS on the planet!

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Re: Linux Mint Appreciation Thread. Because it is the best OS on the planet!

Post by jimthedj65 »

I agree that it is one amazing distro running all my iptv and media. Specs and detail below. Thank you for such an amazing distto, I am a converted linuxmint fan.

I installed LinuxMint recently using my Gigabyte GA-Z97X ... -rev-11#ovand i7 4790 with 32 Gig of 1600 Fury ram ... B00J8E8YES, 2 x Hitachi 4TB drives and a WD Red 8 TB drive all combined into one LVM drive to give 16TB. Samsung SSD Nvme 250 GB Drive.

It runs in my Jonsbo G3 case (looking to add a tft screen display for titles or a nice time Display with Souynd Analyser Volume control isn’t enabled, a work in progress.

My system runs my IPTV, Plex Media server and lossless Asset server. I use samba to share all my files with 3 TVs, PS4, 3 windows desktops. Installing Linux mint was very straightforward with absolutely no fuss, took me a while to work out LVM, I installed WebMin which made it easier..

I Was also able to get my blu ray player working with VLC, no menus but it plays great. The machine is running a lot and is very quiet with 3 be quiet 120mm fans and a low profile be quiet cpu cooler.

This build will run all my media, storage and entertainment for a long time to come. I just need to build a freenas box to backup all my stuff now lol, another project another day.

Thanks to the community for assisting with things like, large screen fonts viewtopic.php?f=47&t=276278 and various scripts.

I found a very cool bash script to give you a really nice command line, you can find that here and here is the link to the git files

Needless to say my Multimedia has taken one massive upgrade, even the wife commented on the sound quality, optical from my onboard audio and the HD looks really HD now, everything is running as smooth as silk.

further to add I got my VFD display working through the repo and steps below. hope it helps someone.

Hi All,

I recently blought a Futaba MDM 166A VFd screen and got it working through the following repo, I hope it helps someone else.

Giant thanks to seahawk1986!!!!!


sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:seahawk1986-hotmail/lcdproc-futaba-mdm166a

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get -y install lcdproc

zcat /usr/share/doc/lcdproc/LCDd.conf.gz | sed 's/^Driver=.*/Driver=mdm166a/' | sudo tee /etc/LCDd.conf

sudo systemctl enable LCDd.service

sudo systemctl start LCDd.service

your LCDd should come alive with the mdm166a display
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Re: Linux Mint Appreciation Thread. Because it is the best OS on the planet!

Post by afineman »

My heart goes out to all of Clem's Team.

I understand how they feel, I write code for PLCs and the HMI/Touchscreens because I can (I do this for fun) this is not really part of my job (Equipment Engineering for a major semiconductor Fab). Most of the complainers have no idea what it takes just to have a single button perform the way it was intended/designed. Then to have the everything work as intended then nitpick about a button size/color or text font or background color does get frustrating. It kills the rush you get (and I still get this rush @61) when you take and idea/concept and with your own hands make that idea come to life, this is quite the rush.

I was once so verbally berated (over graphic design not operation) in a meeting, I lost it (can't post what I said). Then the complainer made the mistake in front of the whole team about how he could do it better (I jumped for joy when I heard this), I said "OK, I'll forward you all the programing software and all my code so you can make it better" and I did within the hour. Others told my boss what happened and he flipped out (he knows what I have to do to make this stuff work and I did this as a favor) and was quick to make everyone know the complainer took over all responsibility for all the programing for this project (this was 18 months ago) and as of this typing the tool is still running with my original design :lol:

The point I'm trying to make here is nobody is perfect, what we think is a good idea, sometimes isn't. This includes Clem's team, I've been exclusive with Linux Mint since 17.0. There have been changes made I didn't like (but got use to) but I never once slammed Clem or his team and I never did this for 2 reasons.

1: I know what it takes and I also accept that sometimes a mistake can make it past the Beta stage.
2: And this is THE BIG ONE, this is FREE software and is managed mostly by volunteers.

I know (and most should know as well) how demoralizing it can be when you have worked hard on something only then to have that work trashed in public by the few. I just wish everyone would think twice about the tone they use when pointing out what they don't like, well though out constructive criticism goes a LONG way.

And as a final thought, "If you're not happy, you can always do it yourself"


ps. I just sent Clem some beer money for the team, that (I believe) is a great way to show appreciation
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Re: Linux Mint Appreciation Thread. Because it is the best OS on the planet!

Post by lsemmens »

well said afineman!

I haven't written programs for business since last century. Back then most of the stuff was procedural, so no OO for me. It's easy to make a mistake! One of mine did not show up until EOFY. Suddenly none of the reports would run. Only took me a few days to find it. I'd missed a fullstop! Can't recall how many thousand lines of code I had to trawl through to fix it. In some ways OOP might have been easier.

I do appreciate the efforts of all and sundry who have created Linux and all the software suites that are available to us. Well done to all of you!
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Re: Linux Mint Appreciation Thread. Because it is the best OS on the planet!

Post by nessuse »

Hands down, Linux Mint is the absolute best Linux distro that I've tried (and I've tried A LOT of them). It's extremely stable, very attractive and works flawlessly. I've been running Linux distro for at least 12 years and I keep coming back to Mint... ...and it just keeps getting better. I struggle with getting networking working on other distros but not on Mint. For whatever reason it's very easy to get connected to my server.

Don't get discouraged guys, you are absolutely on the right track. I always recommend Mint to anyone looking to try Linux for the first time because I know it will work for them. IMHO, Mint has the potential to be the best replacement for Windows.

Thank you for all your hard work and know that it doesn't go unnoticed.

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Re: Linux Mint Appreciation Thread. Because it is the best OS on the planet!

Post by ben777 »

I have been wanting to get away from windows for a long time, I have tried installing other distros but they just didn't work out. I found linux mint and so far all is good. Thank you and keep up the good work, I'll be sending some beer money.

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Re: Linux Mint Appreciation Thread. Because it is the best OS on the planet!

Post by bodhin »

so you need my address then eh? :D :D :D
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Re: Linux Mint Appreciation Thread. Because it is the best OS on the planet!

Post by Sante »

Hello everybody, I'm fresh here and impressed with Mint. Struggling to get a decent setup is something I'm not new to, having been fiddling around Linux since about 2000. But an install that is just right, no small or big issues to fix here and there (on machines that did previously have their customary share of woes using various very mayor distros) didn't happen to me since the days of Ubuntu 7 (Feisty). Sad that I didn't try Mint before, it looks really solid and performing too. Blessings
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Re: Linux Mint Appreciation Thread. Because it is the best OS on the planet!

Post by Portreve »

Some esoteric thoughts upon revisiting this thread...

It may well be Linux Mint is the best OS in the solar system.

It may also be the best operating system within many light-years of Sol. However...

It depends on how one defines:
1. An operating system; and
2. The criteria of what makes it "best".

Let's tackle this in reverse order, the rationale for which will become clear shortly.

So, if one defines as "good qualities" things which make an OS an excellent all-rounder, LM could well pass muster. However, if sheer raw stability is the most important thing, then Debian is probably better. Hold onto this thought about stability; we'll come back to it in a moment.

How does one define an operating system? Is it simply that which glues together and in any way makes possible system operations? At some point, such a definition seems more like a definition of firmware than a conventional operating system. But nevertheless, if that which runs, operates, or allows to operate a system of hardware is how we define what an operating system is, and stability is critical, and the geographical area is on the scale of a solar system, then I submit that:

The operating system running each of the two Voyager spacecraft is the best because:

It is a virtual certainty that no other computer equipment has the uptime which Voyagers I and II each have; and

Neither probe has had to be rebooted in flight since their September 5, 1977 and August 20, 1977, respectively, launches.
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Re: Linux Mint Appreciation Thread. Because it is the best OS on the planet!

Post by Arch_Enemy »

Very interesting take.

Not sure what was used to write the operating "environment" for these, but when I was working in aerospace everything was written using ADA, albeit that was in the 80's.
I have travelled 35629424162.9 miles in my lifetime

One thing I would suggest, create a partition a ~50G partition as /. Partition the rest as /Home.
When the system fails, reinstall and use the exact same username and all your 'stuff' comes back to you.
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