Live USB Persistent File not Saving Changes on v19.3

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Live USB Persistent File not Saving Changes on v19.3

Post by liogab11 »

Hi! I have no idea what to do, but let's start:

1. I put LM v19.3 into a live USB using YUMI on Windows. I set the persistence file to about 2.5GB. USB filesystem is FAT32
2. The live session works as it should. I make a lot of adjustments, shut down the computer, and go to bed.
3. The next day, I find my settings weren't saved. So I change the wallpaper, and restart the computer to see if the behavior repeats (it does).
4. I reinstall LM again. I test it. Same results.
4. I try Ubuntu Budgie 18.04 (again, with YUMI), just to see if it's related to the "persistence bug" I've read as part of my research. All the changes I made stick in Ubuntu.

I spent the whole of 27 June to find a fix or workaround for this, but no luck. That's why I'm here. I only have weekends to pursue this, as I work long hours (like over eight hours). I am planning to convert an old computer to use Linux as soon as I get a new laptop, and I'd like to use LM until support for the 19.x series expires in 2023. I want persistence to work just because I want my desktop preferences when I use it as a rescue tool.

Flash Drive:
SanDisk Cuzer Blade 16GB

Target computer (also the one used for making the live USB):
Compaq Presario c700
Pentium Core Duo
Legacy BIOS
Runs Win XP like a charm (well, sort of)

Any suggestion (other than a full install to a USB?)
P.S.: I doubt this is useful info, but I'm using the Xfce Edition.
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Re: Live USB Persistent File not Saving Changes on v19.3

Post by Reggie »

Hi there,

I've been having the same problem. Take a look at my post (link below). It has a response from someone who used Linux Live USB creator, and it worked. I haven't had time to try it and to re-create my live USB for a 4th time! Let me know if you resolve this issue without re-creating the live USB.


carum carvi
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Re: Live USB Persistent File not Saving Changes on v19.3

Post by carum carvi »

Using a small 16GB usb stick as a persistent drive is not really safe. As a general rule when using usb sticks as a persistent drive, it is advisable to use a large usb stick, 128GB or larger, because undoubtedly all those persistent usb sticks will fail at a certain moment, because they are not meant to be used for heavy writing usage. The larger the usb stick the longer it will last though when being used as a persistent drive. But from what I have read even a 128GB persistent usb stick could suddenly die within a year, without any warning. Sorry to be a nuisance, but I only want to prevent you from future malfunctions of your tiny usb stick...
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Re: Live USB Persistent File not Saving Changes on v19.3

Post by I2k4 »

I've used 16GB thumb drives without problems for years, though as said above they don't last more than weeks or months without borking for one reason or another. It's an excellent way to pretest a Linux version for the particulars of different PCs and try various fixes and settings alternatives without risking a regular install.

I tried Yumi years ago so can't speak to recent versions, but settled on the Windows Pendrive installer and lately building with MKUSB on Mint itself: ... -as-1-2-3/ ... mkusb-tool

I've found that NTSF format for persistence works very well on the Windows installer (availabe from the Pendrive settings). MKUSB is working quite well without that, but it pops up several boxes and requires more clicking than the refined Pendrive. I'd suggest setting 6GB of persistence for the 16GB drive, as persistent storage tends to fill up with installed software and detritus from APT and other caches (I use Bleachbit to clean it up, but that requires some care and sets some users hair on fire here. Not my problem.)
TRUST BUT VERIFY any advice from anybody, including me. Mint/Ubuntu user since 10.04 LTS. LM20 64 bit XFCE (Dell 1520). Dual booting LM20 XFCE / Win7 (Lenovo desktop and Acer netbook).
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