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Feature request Panels

Post by jryodamin »

If windows 10 can do it so can Linux Mint.

any panel I add over and above the default panel should have ALL the default panels settings/applets. Including systray and windows list and menu.

any primary panel I have modified should then become the default when adding extra panels.

I know, I have heard the "this is not possible" and "you can't do that" from everywhere. Windows 10 does it by default except for the modified part - windows 10 does install panels across any amount of monitors the system will support adding menu, systray and windows lists by default.

In this age of dual/triple/quadruple monitors I think this is a necessity not a luxury.

So, I have a full screen app (whether it be a game or a in-house company app that takes up the whole screen matters not) but I need to click my start button or view something in the systray for example. In windows I take a look at one of the other monitors. In Linux I have to minimize the window which opens me up to application locking, screen blanking all kinds of crap.

I am SO close to using Linux as my desktop and running windows 10 in a VM ( I do the opposite now and would NEVER install Linux as my main desktop because of this and a few more "I hate that it doesn't work on Linux but it DOES work on Windows things".

Linux has been around, arguably LONGER than Windows as it is a derivative of Unix which as we all know came before Windows. So, why has Linux not been able to keep up in many areas? Well, money is NOT the issue. I say again, money is NOT the issue. If you compare the amount of programmers working on Windows to the amount of programmer working on Linux I say that world wide Linux wins. The problem stems from the disjointed and uncooperative structure between Linux distros. Ubuntu does things their way regardless of what the over all Linux community thinks, as does Red Hat, SUSE, Debian, Linuxmint, Xubuntu and all the other distros and there derivatives.

What the Linux community as a whole needs is a choice of a few desktop managers and/or concrete guidance and acceptable guidelines to any new Desktop managers or anything else that affects the core functionality of not just Linux but all the software that it uses.

If you wonder why Linux is not up to speed vs Windows with recent and popular games and/or any other software that lacks in Linux refer to the above.

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