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Linux Mint Chocolate Bars

Post by SpongebobFan1994 »

In one of my other posts regarding artwork, I had mentioned having a dream where some company created mint-flavored chocolate bars with the Mint logo on it, and announced 10% of the profits will go to the developers. If anyone with a culinary arts degree wants to create their own chocolate company, this would be a good way to promote Mint.
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Re: Linux Mint Chocolate Bars

Post by Keetoowah »

This could go beyond just chocolate bars. You could expand this idea to anything you can fit the Mint logo on. But I do love chocolate.
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Re: Linux Mint Chocolate Bars

Post by AZgl1500 »

moving away from Chocolate bars,

PWA or ProWritingAid is a specialty item to help Book Authors with their projects...

I have tried it out, and like how it works, but the current versions available are for Windows and MacOS.

so, I wrote to PWA and asked them to make a Desktop version in Linux....

here is their reply, it shocked me that they even bothered to reply to me.
Their suggestion to check the Blog is useless, it would involve me using their website to write up the text, then copy paste that to this Forum Post that I am writing at this minute..... can you imagine trying to do that?


Re: Feedback : I use Linux, not Windows, why do you not support L

ProWritingAid <>
Fri, Aug 7 at 7:43 AM
Hi John!

We would love to support Linux and hope to in the future! I'll pass your feedback along to our development team and let them know we have people asking for that project as a priority.



Have you checked out the ProWritingAid Blog yet? It's chock-full of essential writing tips and techniques.
On Fri, Aug 7, 2020 at 2:37 AM UTC, John <> wrote:
> User name : .........
> Email :
> Query Type : Sales
> OS : Linux
> Question :
> I use Linux, not Windows, why do you not support Linux?
> Windows is the bane of the internet.
> I want a Desktop App, I tried that online feature and it is useless, my upload speed is less then 200 Kbps, the app crashes.
> Specifically Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon
Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon
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Re: Linux Mint Chocolate Bars

Post by cliffcoggin »

This could backfire in Britain. There is a ring shaped mint flavoured sweet (candy in USA) here by the name of Polo. It was advertised for years with the slogan "Polo: the Mint with a hole".
Cliff Coggin
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