[SOLVED] How to Change Timeshift Location for 2 OSs

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[SOLVED] How to Change Timeshift Location for 2 OSs

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I have 2 partitions for Mint 19 and Mint 20 and a 3rd partition that is for data, and shared by both. Timeshift on Mint 19 is stored on the /data partition.

In Mint 20 when I try to run the Timeshift wizard, it does not give me the option of specifying where to store timeshift files, and specifically states it is not possible. If I select the /data partition, is it going to re-write my Mint 19 timeshift copies? If so, how can I change where Timeshift is being stored?
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Re: How to Change Timeshift Location for 2 OSs

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I have multiple Mint Timeshift restore files residing in the same directory without issues. Even another distro
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