Move from Linux Mint 20 to LMDE 4

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Move from Linux Mint 20 to LMDE 4

Post by LarsG »

Currently I'm using Linux Mint 20 (Cinnamon & Mate). Since I have had some issues with Updates and Update Manager (using 19.1 to 19.3 and now 20), I wonder if I maybe would consider the LMDE 4 to be more of a stable environment. I have only tried it using a Live-USB (Cinnamon), and the look and feel is almost the same in a quick look.
I do not have any proprietary drivers in use. I do have a few questions.

1) Could I install the LMDE 4 over my current LM 20 install and still keep the home disk and partition?
2) I use a 4K 27" Dell monitor running at 60 Hz, could I do the same in LMDE4?
3) My hardware use a Samsung 970 Pro M2 disk for the system. M2 disks should be supported as I have read. Anything to observe about that?

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Re: Move from Linux Mint 20 to LMDE 4

Post by antikythera »

1) Not sure, personally I'd backup the important files from home, try it out your proposed way first and if it stuff doesn't work properly (including your terminal) you can always start afresh with a home partition format too.
2) Yes, it's the same version of Cinnamon with high dpi support
3) Yes, nothing different

If you get stuck, just ask. The installer is slightly different than the main mint edition's but nothing that should trip you up.
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Re: Move from Linux Mint 20 to LMDE 4

Post by axisofevil »

Seem to remember just installing LMDE1 over the top of Ubuntu-ancient, keeping my /home directory but nothing else.
This was many years ago and it worked perfectly well.
I didn't really have too much in the way of application data, though.
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Re: Move from Linux Mint 20 to LMDE 4

Post by ke1th3216 »


1) I'd suggest you install lmde alongside your present system/s and multi-boot as necessary.
3) I'm running lmde on a NVME card. Remember, the beauty of having a live .iso is that you can check if hardware is compatible.

The 1 thing mint20 can do that is difficult in lmde is PPAs. I have read how to install PPA software, but haven't tried it yet.
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Re: Move from Linux Mint 20 to LMDE 4

Post by hapEcat »

I run both W10/LMDE4 in a dual boot HP laptop
During the LMDE4 install you will format the some partitions, such as, "/boot",and "/", but do not format "/home".
Also LMDE4 runs a lessor 4.19 kernel, whereas Mint20 uses a 5.4 or a5.6 kernel, and most softeware will be 1-2 versions behind.
The LMDE4 is considered to be highly stable, more so than Mint20, but I have experienced many freezes that I have not been able to reporduce at will. At 1st I thought it was associated with Firefox, but has now done it when FFx was not open, so I'm still chasing this ghost.
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