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Re: Conky size

Post by Zwopper »

The answer lies in the "gap x & y" values
Here are a few pointers.
Good luck!
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Re: Conky size

Post by optimize me »

That's why it has that gap there is because of all the voffset commands. Any time you move a line up or down, Conky still uses the space it would if the line were still there. Consequently, there ends up being a big blank space at the bottom where the line used to be. To show this, take an empty spot on your desktop and click & drag to start making a selection box. You'll notice as you drag towards Conky that there's a big spot underneath that doesn't highlight. (See example here.)

You'll either need to put decoration/borders back on it long enough to make a compiz window rule and/or change the sizes of the fonts and see how that works out for you.

EDIT: Looking more closely at your config file, I see you have a voffset of -500 to put your conkyforecast where you want it. That's the source of your headache. Ditch that. Put forecast into its' own config, leave the main conky in its' own, give each one it's own gap_x and gap_y settings, and have them both execute at startup with a script.

Or, since you have it on top anyway, just move the conkyforecast lines to the top of the TEXT section, getting rid of the huge voffset. Either way should work. Forget the compiz window rule thing.
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