Permissions/Owners on Link to File

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Permissions/Owners on Link to File

Post by bsmither »

I have Win7 connecting to Mint where folder 'inetpub' is shared. The folder 'inetpub' is owned by www-data:www-data. I remember doing something that specifies www-data as the user of this sharing connection - if I recall correctly. From win7, I can read and write to all folders and files within 'inetpub'.

In 'inetpub', I have created a shortcut in 'inetpub' to a log file that is located in the Mariadb data directory. The Mariadb directory and files is owned by mysql:mysql.

I have added several users to the mysql group, added several users to the www-data group, but I still have no permission in being able to read in the log file using the link to Win7.

I have not rebooted either machine.

Is it necessary to restart something so that the Win7 box can load the log file into a log file reader?
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