Wake from suspend not freeing memory

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Wake from suspend not freeing memory

Post by rat in a cage »

I've had some problems with suspend before (some memory corruption or something error occured...i don't remember anymore).
I recently discovered that my RAM memory used is growing each time i return from suspend (for example first 700 mb used, than 900, than 1.2 gb...) so i think mint isn't freeing memory when returnig from suspend. anyone knows how to fix it? :(

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Re: Wake from suspend not freeing memory

Post by lagagnon »

Are you positive it is not just "caching" rather than freeing? What I would do is completely reboot the system. Then open a terminal and type "free > my_memory.txt". Then try suspend a few times as you did in the past and do this after each un-suspend operation : "free >> my_memory.txt". Then post the output of "cat my_memory.txt" to this thread and we can analyze your memory situation for you.

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