File Transfers: Notifications, Popups and other things that help the user to prevent removing the drive too early

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File Transfers: Notifications, Popups and other things that help the user to prevent removing the drive too early

Post by Undertaker555 »

I am not entirely sure if that was already mentioned, but it's still a current thing.
Sometimes it's just about mentioning things at the right time at the right place.

There are some things, that make File Transfers seem super fragile if you don't have good understanding about how Linux handles File Transfers.
Easily a new user can make mistakes and lose data.
What I am suggesting here is not changing the way how Linux does File Transfers, rather I am suggesting ways, how it communicates to you, and becomes more transparent, by offering clear warnings that would prevent the user from removing an external drive too early.

The problems right now are:

1. No notification when removing drive via Desktop icon
When umounting/ ejecting / safely remivubg a drive from the Desktop icon, there is no notification that it can be removed.
When it is unmounted from another UI, like in the Tray or in the File Manager, it gives a notification.
Using the Desktop icon without the notification gives a false sense of safety, because the Desktop icon of the drive is gone after clicking this, but in reality it still might have some cached things.
The average user, especially people who recently switched, will think that as soon as the Desktop icon is gone, that the drive can be removed.

2. The need to do the sync command
Recently I learned the lesson, to always do the sync command before removing a drive.
I guess it could be universally agreed, that this would be great, if that would happen automatically before unmounting, or if there would be an alternative way of making sure, that there are no cached files left, and that it is now safe to remove the drive - or give a popup which warns about files that are still in cache. Like "Do not remove drive now. Files are still cached. Please wait a moment."

Basically, it's all about making File Transfers feel more safe.
Recently, I was at the point, that I didn't even trust Mint File Transfers anymore at all, because I lost 500MB of data.
The problem was not Mint itself, but rather it was my lack of understanding how Linux handles File Transfers.
I had to adapt some extra steps, that I definitely wouldn't have guessed without help of others.
Now, all is fine, and I can use it as it is.
But you see, just a few notifications and popups here and there that tell you "Attention: Do not remove drive! Files are still cached!", that would make such a huge difference.

Recently this has been the topic, and I learned much from it.
This is for reference:
It's about that "Question 2" that I had there.
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