Any thoughts on when a version of Stable Diffusion will be available on Mint?

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Any thoughts on when a version of Stable Diffusion will be available on Mint?

Post by bgoodwin91006 »

The title says it all. Stable diffusion is up and running on my Mint 20.3 but I would still like to have a Mint tested and approved version.

At present there are several web interfaces running on a browser such as Firefox, designed to work with the Stable Diffusion server, connecting over the local network ( S.D. server runs as a python program, typically started from a shell or python script.

The web interface I have found most problem free is ComfyUI found on github. It uses a graphic depiction of the separate S.D. functional areas depicted as nodes with lines connecting the nodes together similar to a block diagram. Switching from 'text2image mode' to 'image2image mode' requires adding nodes and reconnecting. There are examples of various setup web pages which appear as screenshots but can be dragged and drop onto the active S.D.web page and automatically reconfigure the page to a different mode for example for inpainting.

Another web interface is Automatic1111(the name of the original poster)Web.UI found on github. WebUI uses traditional labeled buttons and make changing the mode of operation quite simple with a click. It is generally more user friendly but for me it has often, for no apparent reason broken such as when I tried to use the most current S.D. model; sdxl1.0. At first it worked and currently doesn't even though older models are still working fine. At times it crashed the system by hanging the gpu but that has stopped happening since a few updates to the Nvidia drivers and a few updates to the git hub codes.

I'd be interested in hearing from anyone currently working with S.D. or if there is any word of activity toward a Mint or Ubuntu version.

Best regards, Bob G.
Hoser Rob
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Re: Any thoughts on when a version of Stable Diffusion will be available on Mint?

Post by Hoser Rob »

It's really a question more for the Ubuntu repo/package maintainers, as with any Ubuntui based distro.

Mint is all Long Term Support releases based on Ubuntu LTS ones. You're always trading off newness vs stability so LTS leans towards stability. So Ubuntu is more conservative than some distros when it comes to things like this. There's a reason that LTS rules in enterprise though, the OS is much, much less likely to break itself when you update. The downside is older software.
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Re: Any thoughts on when a version of Stable Diffusion will be available on Mint?

Post by martoiano »

There is still no official version of Stable Diffusion for Linux Mint yet, but there are a few ways I use to get it running on Mint.

Try the web interfaces you mentioned, such as ComfyUI or Automatic1111 Web.UI. These interfaces run in a web browser, so I use them on any operating system.

An alternative is the command line. There are a few different scripts and tools available that usually help me install and run Stable Diffusion on Linux.

Finally, mb you can try to build Stable Diffusion from source. This is the most advanced option...
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