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Re: Call the next release - Mint 24

Post by Moem »

poster24 wrote: Tue Apr 02, 2024 2:25 am After all, Presentation is just as important as content :idea:
That is an opinion that you get to have, but it's still an opinion.

Personally I'm not convinced by the arguments in this thread. I would prefer if the team sticks with the numbering convention they have been following. I'm perfectly fine with using a 22 version of something in the year 2024.

If your issue is solved, kindly indicate that by editing the first post in the topic, and adding [SOLVED] to the title. Thanks!
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Re: Call the next release - Mint 24

Post by punkbiscuit »

Personally I don't mind version numbers, or year style numbers.

But I do take exception to nick names / codename references based upon crappy book characters or girls names
or whatever nonsense they use.

Bookworms /Maggots / Stretchy Balls, Vanessa .

They mean nothing at all to me.
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Re: Call the next release - Mint 24

Post by Schultz »

poster24 wrote: Tue Apr 02, 2024 2:25 am Atleast in my opinion (and of a few others), the second scheme offers a much better user-recall and a seemingly more modern name/version !
Many more reasons/justifications have been given in previous comments - you can have a quick look..
I did read through it all. I still disagree. And I always recoil when I hear the word "modern" as applied to anything computers. It usually just means a de-evolution.
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Re: Call the next release - Mint 24

Post by poster24 »

@punkbiscuit - "Maggots" / "Bookworms" are lame but I've heard "Wicked Wanda" is quite fun :wink:

@Schultz - I agree, many companies have abused the term "modern" to mean "Many important things have been hidden to make it more child-friendly..".
I'll replace "modern" with "updated" from hereon..
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